Jawbone UP2 Rope

Jawbone relentlessly pursues the craft of wearability. The new UP2 and UP3 are a whole new way of thinking about wearable technology, with the attention to detail that takes consumer electronics to a new universe of taste and fashion. The UP2 Rope is the realization of this design philosophy – a lightweight, beautiful wearable, that is both comfortable on the wrist, and complementary to your personal style.


In order to build brand equity and create a fluid shelf visual identity, we’ve maintained the same design principles throughout the UP series – focused on maximizing shelf presence while creating the best possible out-of-box experience. The packaging is an embodiment of the product – sturdy, and with high quality materials. Keeping with a very simple color palette of contrasting black and white, we gave it a bold and expressive presence on the shelf, almost like a billboard. The box looks almost like a display in a museum – you can see quality of the build and the materials through a window, rather than a photographic representation.

We developed a systematic approach on front of pack for easy way finding. We used a simple chevron graphic, pulled from the app design language, this helps to organize and categorize features for clear differentiation across the UP wearable line of products. The LED icon set embedded into the UP2 is designed as a key to quickly understand what each UP setting has to offer. As there is so much data available to the user, this is a tool used for education, and quick product differentiation by color, shapes and icons.


UP2, already the slimmest and lightest wearable on the market, has been reimagined with a new rope-style strap, making it look even smaller on the wrist. The rope-like TPSIV rubber band with a polished metal hook is a new style that is extraordinarily comfortable and graceful. The open strap gives more breathability on the wrist, while looking complimentary next to a watch or jewelry.

In line with our philosophy that technology should be discreet, it doesn't take over the wrist, and instead lives harmoniously with different fashion and individual taste. The curved aluminum top shields are laser etched with delicate patterns that reflect the mood of the color choices: concentric rings for the gold, purple and turquoise finishes, circular crossings for champagne and beige tones, cross-hatched for gunmetal and black, diagonal striations for silver.

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