TV art

TV art

For many years, fuseproject and Samsung have been talking about new ways we can experience television. For us, the inspiration came from technologies that make objects increasingly more autonomous, allowing for more intuitive experiences and a sensational form.


The state-of the art curved screen is pure sculpture, continuous and thin. We have admired paintings displayed on walls for centuries, but an image on a curve instantly becomes a sculpture. Our design gives an answer to a simple question: what is the best way to display this sculpture? We truly looked at this television not as a consumer electronics product, but as a piece of fine craftsmanship. This was the inspiration for the S9W.

The S9W is a first-of-its-kind TV; at 82”, the large and thin curved arc rests upon a gallery-like cube, reminding us of a classical sculpture on a plinth. The bulk of the technology has been removed from the screen, and stored in the cube, enabling the screen to be as slim and interactive as possible. When powered on, the cube top lifts to reveal an inner sound system and display lighting. The screen also pivots towards the viewer, maximizing the immersive viewing experience. The S9W is meant to be displayed, and begins the idea of combining autonomous displays with technological art.

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